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Yellow Design
Website Design Studio

Ebook editing: Online Success Blueprint/Strategy – The Checklist

Web content writing, copyediting, WordPress, SEO, business communication templates, internal process documentation, social media bites, etc.

Project writeups & edits: The Good Sound, Anyone For Tennis?, Taylored Moments, Seaside Summers Timaru + Seaside Festival, and more

Aoraki Foundation
Charitable Trust

Multiple Sclerosis Fund

Summary / Preview Snip

Fund stories (research, interviews, writing, revisions,) summaries, social media bites, newsletter editing.

Upcoming: Cody Hunter Fund, Brian Bell, Mackenzie Charitable Fund, Women’s Fund, Scott Family Fund, TTMP Fund, Timaru Hospital MRI Scanner Project 10-Year Anniversary,

Purple and blue sunset across Caroline Bay.

C T Templeton
Historian, Pipe Organ Builder, & Archivist

Typed transcription of historical church minutes, pipe organ archives, settlement/ family records, land deeds, and more.

Published Fiction

writing as E.G. Wilson

Short story ’12-36′ in At The Edge,
eds. Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts 
Paper Road Press, 2016

A science fiction and fantasy anthology featuring work by some of the best short story writers in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia. Winner of Best Collected Work and Best Professional Artwork, Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2017.

Voiceless (Voiceless Duology #1)
Atthis Arts USA, 2017
YA science fiction

Out of print

Expression (Voiceless Duology #2)
Atthis Arts USA, 2017
YA science fiction

Out of print

as Rachel E. Wilson

A moody library with industrial pendant lights.

The Library

Online collection of short stories, thinkpieces, gear reviews, excerpts, and more.

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